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Artpreneur as a program stemmed from Artpreneur Commune's passion to enable beings to become creative and independent. This octa-dimensional program is all about Art, Design, Creativity, Software, Aesthetics, Teaching, Business Skills and Branding.

Art + Design + Business - Course Duration (9 Months + 3 Months)
Atma Studios’ Artpreneur Program is a Creative Business Incubation program for people who are looking to learn Art, Design and Entrepreneurship. 
ATMA Studios, located in South India has been operational for over a decade. Team Atma Studios came up with a practical way to bridge the gap between the startup entrepreneurs' design requirements and creative enthusiasts who want to learn art, design and entrepreneurship through studio learning.
Learners will be taught design applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe XD. Apart from the digital tools, the main goal of the course is to equip learners to explore new areas of design and also to excel in the international branding industry, with hands-on live projects.
Artpreneur Online Art Program Curriculum
The League of Mavericks, the 2022-23 batch of Artpreneur Program awaits.
Join and let your colours come forth, while you spread your beautifully coloured jewel like wings to explore multiple paths and pursuits in this lifetime.
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