The art of lettering involves artistically crafting letters to emphasise any subject and evoke a certain feeling. Lettering is frequently employed as a symbol of uniqueness, workmanship, and heritage that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Illustrations and lettering are combined seamlessly to create illustrative lettering, which leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

These artworks were created as a result of the Illustrative Lettering module in the Artpreneur Program by the Realm of Dragonflies Students, who do not have any prior knowledge in illustrations or lettering. Whatever you are seeing is an output of 20 days module inside our one year program. The secret recipe of the program helps amateur students to reach lettering mastery in days. Join our program and master art, design and branding.

Illustration Style:
Illustrative Lettering

Illustrated by:
Realm of Dragonflies,
Students, July 2021 - 2022

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Women empowerment quote lettered in Pattachitra style
Pattachitra inspired illustrative lettering poster on food
Temptations of chocolates & desserts in cute Kawaii style Illustrative retro style Lettering 
Life of an artist in cute kawaii style lettering
hand lettering poster design portraying the craving for Indian snack food
Inspirational quote in Pattachitra inspired lettering
Inspiring quote lettered in Art Deco art style
Inspirational quote lettered in Pattachitra Art style
Hindu saying by Adi Shakara in Bengal Pattachitra art style
Inspirational Lettering poster design
Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma Upanishad as Lettering poster design
Inspirational quote in modern lettering style
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