India is known for its pheasants. This project illustrates 12 pheasants in vibrant water colours, inspired from the artist Yasmina's style of water-colouring.  Hope you enjoy these bright, beautiful and brilliant pheasants of India.
Silver Pheasant
Ring Necked Phesant
Rufous-throated partridge
Himalayan Monal
White Eared Pheasant
Phesant-Tailed Jacana
Blood Pheasant
Grey Peacock Phesant
Cheer Pheasant
Golden Pheasant
White Crested Kalij Pheasant
Koklass Pheasant
©PagicStudio owns all copyrights for each and every illustration and design in this project. Distributing, sharing or recreating these illustrations in any medium or platform, without prior written consent from Pagic Studio is prohibited. 
Contact us to purchase commercial license to use these illustrations. These illustrations are also open for purchase.
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