Tree based Illustrations in Indian + International Folk Art Forms
Welcome to the Diverse Tree Tales Illustration Collective, a captivating project that brings together the enchanting world of trees and the rich tapestry of artistic expressions from India and around the globe. In this unique collection, we will showcase 20 beautifully illustrated stories, each infused with the essence of a distinctive Indian Folk Art or an International Art form, all while weaving in an adorably charming tree-based narrative.

Throughout this project, you'll encounter a wide spectrum of creativity, from the intricate details of traditional Indian art like Madhubani, Kerala Mural and Gond, to the modern interpretations of international forms such as Scandinavian Folk Art, Egyptian Art and beyond.
In Indian traditions, the Kalpavriksha symbolizes a celestial tree capable of fulfilling wishes. This artwork, rendered in the contemplative Bengal Patachitra style, portrays the tree as a representation of ourselves, emphasizing the profound influence of our thoughts in shaping our identity. As the saying goes, 'You become what you think about.' This reminds us to be mindful, as our thoughts wield immense influence.
Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian art style, this piece depicts an Amla tree with abundant fruits, grown at Grandma's home. During the summer vacation, Grandma affectionately crafts zesty Amla pickle, imbued with fragrant spices. She shares it with her granddaughter, a squirrel, a deer, and a monkey—symbolising her boundless love and kindness. The illustration also captures how her affection complements the inherent virtues of the Amla Fruit.
Illustrated in the exquisite Orissa Pattachitra style, this artwork portrays Lord Buddha's enlightenment. With a serene smile and a raised leg in the penance pose, it captures him beneath the Bodhi tree. This piece aims to inspire generations in their pursuit of inner peace and wisdom.
Within this mesmerizing Kerala Mural artwork, a profound symbolism emerges—a depiction of new life's birth in the expanse of the universe. The Tree of Life serves as a binding thread, bestowing the resilience to endure challenges. It represents the journey of nurturing and witnessing the emergence of a beautiful inner being.
This art piece showcases a Mughal-style painting capturing a wedding amidst the lush embrace of Banana trees—an iconic element in South Indian weddings, symbolizing prosperity and new beginnings. As the Tamil phrase goes, 'Vazhai Adi Vazhai' symbolizing an eternal life to bless the newly-wedded couple. 
Sita Devi's refuge under the Ashoka tree at Ashoka Vatika symbolizes resilience, hope, and the triumph of good over evil, elegantly presented through the captivating Madhubani art form.
Presenting the captivating Parijat tree, a magnificent symbol of enduring love. This artwork delves into the profound nature of love, illustrating the delicate balance of attachment and detachment in the Egyptian art style.
Showcasing the iconic Apple tree that ignited Newton's gravity revelation. This artwork reminds us that embracing childlike curiosity unveils profound truths, captured in the enchanting Pichwai painting style.
Depicting Shiva in a moment of intense focus, performing penance beneath a bael tree. This portrayal of Ekapadha (one-legged stance) is rendered in the mesmerizing leather puppetry style.
In this Mexican art form based painting, a resilient Banyan tree stands strong across decades. Just as the tree's deep roots provide shelter, playing beneath its branches reminds us of the constant love our parents shower upon us.
A captivating portrayal of a bamboo tree and an inspiring elephant story done in watercolour painting style. This artwork mirrors the profound lesson: a resolute path guides us to goals, akin to the unwavering bamboo.
Evoking school day nostalgia, the tamarind tree's tartness sparks memories of gathering with friends on the way home. This art-deco based artwork envisions the tree with beloved Hanuman delivering the cherished fruit, further enhancing the scene's enchantment.
Presenting a warli Illustration of the Mandharai tree, a source of sustenance and healing through seeds, blossoms, and bark. Echoing Avvai's path, it embodies a life of purpose and wisdom shared through a spiritual journey.
Showcasing Lord Buddha in Cubism Art Style, accompanied by a devoted crane, symbolizing a Bodhisattva. The night sky, adorned with sparkling mangoes in the Mango Grove, adds a distinctive touch to this exquisite artwork.
Illustrated in the enchanting Gond art form, this painting portrays the timeless tale of the monkey and the crocodile from the Panchatantra tales. It showcases the ingenuity of the clever monkey, skillfully evading the clutches of the cunning crocodile.
This Kurumba Painting highlights the sthalavrikshan (sacred tree) of the Shirdi Sai Baba temple, which is depicted as the neem tree, now famously known as Gurusthan. According to belief, obtaining a neem leaf from this tree is believed to bestow individuals with a healthy life, free from ailments.
A heartfelt tribute to Krishna's beloved Kadamba tree. This artwork captures the enchanting presence of Krishna and Radha, their love radiating beneath the fragrant embrace of the Kadamba tree in the contour art form.

Kolam is a mesmerizing art form that combines geometric designs, straight lines, curves, and loops to create enchanting patterns. This piece depicts Shiva and Parvathi in a serene setting—a coconut grove—where they blissfully unwind while savoring the beauty of the sunrise. 

Capturing Sandalwood's essence and purity, drawing inspiration from Prahaladha's story, despite demon lineage, he was a to Hari Bhakt. This artwork beautifully encapsulates the profound truth that one can stay true to themselves, even in the face of challenging situations, just like Sandalwood's undaunted scent, spreading its purity amidst the surroundings.
 A scene featuring a palm tree, where two friendly squirrels quench their thirst with the refreshing drink of padhaneer. It serves as a reminder that nature offers a bountiful array of nourishing beverages, and padhaneer is among them.
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