Step into the enchanting realm of Bengal Folk Art with these mesmerizing illustrations, a modern interpretation of the Bengal Pattachitra Art form from West Bengal. These stunning pieces have been created by the Age of Utopians Batch Students for the year 2023-24, who had no prior experience or knowledge in creating their own illustrations in Indian folk art forms.

What you behold here is the outcome of a 7-day module within our comprehensive one-year Artpreneur Online programOur instructors and educators have a secret recipe that helps amateur students achieve illustration mastery in just a few days.

The Bengal Folk Art style is renowned for its vivid hues, flowing lines, and graceful brushstrokes, as exemplified by the work of artist Jamini Roy. The Patuas, as part of the distinctive folk practice known as Pattachitra, incorporate songs into their visual storytelling. The painters, known as chitrakars, depict stories on long scrolls, often bearing their family surname.

Illustrated by:
Age of Utopians Students,
July 2023 - 2024
Bengal Folk Art Instructor:

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