Mr. SCD Balaji has been in the industry for 15 years. He has a background in design and is an experienced graphic designer, web designer and animator. His passion to teach helped him evolve into a fine designers and educator in the industry.
Having design-related knowledge, with minimal idea about art and business, Mr. SCD Balaji learnt a lot on his own through experience and sheer determination. He came up with his own way of transforming an amateur into a master. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge with everyone around, led to the birth of ‘Artpreneur Program’, through which he aims to create people who are professional and creative.
The Journey…
Atma Studios started as a design studio and scaled great heights over the years, making the studio synonymous to quality. The customers often came back with numerous orders and pressed for a lower price. This led Mr. SCD Balaji to come up with an idea of teaching people the skills, so they could create high quality deliverables at a reasonable price. The idea of entrepreneurs creating art led to the formation of ‘Artpreneurs’.
Mr. SCD Balaji is the brainbox behind some of the famed brands like:
Atma Studios
Atma is a branding studio that was launched in 2011, with Mr. SCD Balaji as its Chief Creative Officer. It introduced Artpreneur, a first-of-its-kind initiative in India, in 2016. The projects under Atma Studios have been created by the Artpreneurs.
Quirky Invitations
Quirky Invitations, launched in 2016, is a brand showcasing Mr. SCD Balaji’s passion for illustration and art. It deals with invitations that have been created by Mr. SCD Balaji, and caters to NRIs and other overseas clients. It is not a brick and mortar set-up, but enjoys a popular presence online.
Indian Folk Art 365
Indian Folk Art 365 is a campaign launched by Mr. SCD Balaji in 2013, with an idea to spread the knowledge of contemporary art to people and brands across the globe.
Artpreneur Program
Artpreneur as a program stemmed from Mr. SCD Balaji’s passion to enable people to become creative and independent. This program combines 7 elements – art, design, creativity, technical tools, aesthetics, business skills and branding. is Mr. SCD Balaji’s personal brand through which he conducts workshops.
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