Being an Entrepreneur in this ultra-competitive business world is challenging. From managing your time to focusing on business growth, there are many things to juggle  around.  In the midst, you should find time to reinvent and upgrade yourself. It may seem tiring and challenging for many.
Atma Studios met up with Abishek Ranganathan, an Entrepreneur for 17 years, to understand how the Artpreneur program helped him to reinvent and upgrade himself along as he handled his various businesses.
1. How did you get to know about the Artpreneur Program?
I met Balaji at a Freshworks Conference at Chennai, where he was one of the speakers. I liked the way he spoke and so continued my interaction with him and subsequently joined the Artpreneur program. 🤩

2. What were you working as, before joining Artpreneur?
I have been an entrepreneur for over 17 years. 
Co-founder of "" - We create solutions using design and technology for problems faced by start-ups and SMEs. 
Co-founder of "" – A social enterprise initiative to create a sustainable movement to protect water bodies through ecologically sustainable adventure sports, education, tree/mangrove plantations, lake clean-ups and creating awareness. 
Over the years, my other industry exposures include garment manufacturing and exports, construction, real estate, insurance, etc.,

3. What made you take up this 1-year program even amidst your busy schedule?
I got a gut feeling that I was in the right place at the right time. I had been looking for a mentor and a program like this for almost 20 years. 😇

4. As a successful entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses, how is Artpreneur useful to you and your other ventures? Also, tell us about the challenges you faced.
Due to several rich experiences in life and since even by nature, I'm curious to learn every day. I already had clusters of knowledge. But this course helped me connect the dots, and now, I can cohesively utilize and monetize my learnings.
My other ventures have become more streamlined, more experimental, creative and engaging. It has helped moving me to make my other brands far more sustainable and memorable than I had earlier thought of.
Time management has been, and still is the biggest challenge for me. It's like breathing. I work on improving it every day. Finding a balance and staying there is the key.
"Stay calm, even if you're in a storm." 😃

5. How would you describe the return on investment from this program?
ROI of the course can never be calculated in terms of wisdom. Artpreneur program is like learning how to fish instead of just buying the fish. I will keep reaping the benefits all my life.
I was able to identify, pursue my passion for teaching and became a Co-Educator – that is simply priceless for me. Getting trained for that was the most amazing part of the course. Financially speaking, I was able to take back 2.5x of what I invested within a year. 😎

6. How do you think Artpreneur will help entrepreneurs in their business?
It will provide them with the confidence and wisdom required in their business ecosystem. It will help them communicate more efficiently and effectively. They will learn how to set up and follow a time tested process that works.
I'm able to teach and mentor people in my business life more comfortably and technically than ever before. 🤙

7. Describe your life before and after Artpreneur program.
It was clearly like opening a box of yummy assorted chocolates. I found a whole bunch of like-minded people. I was accessing resources and techniques which would have otherwise taken me years to understand and assimilate, if not for this program.
I was able to identify, pursue and fine-tune my passion for being an entrepreneur, designer, artist and teacher. Enhanced my time management and teaching skills. Learn the techniques of re-engineering art and design.

8. How has the relationship between the mentor and the Artpreneur community been after the program?
Our relationships have several dimensions. It travels from conscious practical realism to sub-conscious surrealism on a daily basis.
We interact about life, business, art, technical stuff, philosophy, health, wealth and much more.

9. Would you recommend Artpreneur Program to others? Why?
For anyone who wants to pursue a creative and independent life, accelerate their journey in the creative life and is on the quest for wisdom and knowledge. The freedom you get has a price, but it's worth it.
To my knowledge, there is no other program and community like this.

10. A word to people looking to join Artpreneur program...
Honestly, I will be able to recommend this only after I talk to this person.
But, there is a level of curiosity and egoless state that you need to be in, to absorb what is being taught here. Since I have been a Co-Educator for the last 1 year, I have seen both sides of the coin. Most of all, you should be able to invest 8 hours of time and energy every single day for the 1 year of the program.
Attitude, Passion and Openness are the basic pre-requisites. All the other technical aspects will be taken care of by us.
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