Branding Questionnaire
Branding Questionnaire is a set of 14 questions that need to be filled out for us to kickstart the brainstorming process. Your responses to the questions set the tone for the brand’s direction and are the first and foremost step in the journey of your brand.
Industry Research & Report
The industry provides the field for your brand to play and an expert industry research will be performed based on the findings from Brand Questionnaire. The research will be submitted to you as a report.
Competitor Analysis
Understanding who we are playing with is crucial for any business and at this stage, we will mine data to find the existing competition, the market size for the business and the strengths of the competition.
Defining Unique Selling Point
Once we understand the field and the players, it is time to bring in your ‘A’ game. Depending on the industry and the competition, we will help you to define your unique selling point for your product/service which will help you to put your best foot forward.
Defining Brand Persona
Every brand has a DNA just like every human being. This DNA will percolate through every interaction your target segment has with the brand. What your brand stands for will be defined at this stage. Your promise as a brand should stand the test of time.
Defining Brand Drivers
“ What’s in it for me “ is an important question that has to be answered by every brand. The primary and the secondary benefits of using your product/service to the consumer has to be arrived at in crystal clear fashion.
Planning Purchasing Steps
Predicting how the consumers will have a touchpoint with your brand will be outlined at this stage. The steps involved in purchasing behaviour and how your brand will fulfil its promise in the post-purchase behaviour will be documented.
Defining Brand Voice / Content
Every brand in the world has a voice. It is closely aligned with what the brand stands for. It can be formal, funny, adventurous, quirky, friendly, caring etc. Depending on the DNA and the industry, we will arrive at the Brand Voice at this stage.
Visual Branding Standards
What we hear is the voice and what we see is visual. Your brand’s visual identity will arriveat this stage. Inline with what the brand stands for, the visual assets of the brand will be planned.
Brand Logo
The logo is the face of the brand. Even a small stroke in the logo connects back to ‘ what we are ‘ as a brand. The logo creates a visual memory of the brand in the minds of the consumer and it is the key branding asset.
Brand Typography + Colours
Brand personas when expressed in words are to be in-line with the voice of the brand and it is imperative to keep it consistent with the brand. Typography selection and the choice of colours complete the visual identity of the brand.
Brand Element
Every brand will have its own brand elements that are unique to the brand. It will be consistent with the logo of your brand and the brand element will be a part of the branding stationery and collaterals.
Brand Illustration
The brand illustration can be called a figment of your brand’s imagination. This is an extended illustration of the DNA or the value promise of your brand in a visual medium. This can be used for space illustrations which convey the essence of the brand.
Brand Stationery
Your brand business stationery comprises of your business cards, envelopes, letterheads, thank you cards and more. All the brand stationery will be designed inconsistency with the brand colours and guidelines.
Brand Collaterals
Every collateral like a brochure, flyer, e-book or a guide that your potential target segment interacts as a part of your brand has to carry the brand tone, language and brand elements. We can custom create the collaterals based on your industry.
Brand Website
Your website sells your brand and educates your customer segment 24 x 7 and it has to be inline with your branding identity. Maintaining the consistency will make your brand more memorable. We offer tailor-made plans for creating your brand website.
Social Media Plan and Design
The best way to reach the masses is social media, right now. The tonality of your brand’s communication will follow the brand voice and we offer customized expert posting strategies for every social media network depending on your industry.
Brand Book
A brand book is the holy grail of your brand’s branding exercise. It contains all the above-executedassets with detailed instructions for future reference. Any branding activity in the future should strictly adhere to the brand guidelines presented in the Brand Book.
Printing & Execution Suggestions
Every design reaches its maximum potential through an appropriate execution. We will be happy to execute your design or we will offer guidelines and expert preferences to help your brand collaterals reach their best potential.
Production Files and Completion
All the production files of your brand will be handed over to you post completion of the branding process. It is imperative to preserve the production files for any future use.
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