Baby’s First Year

Kawaii art style originated in Japan and has gained worldwide popularity due to its cute characters with chubby bodies, exaggerated expressions, and rosy blush. People will fall in love with these adorable and lovely art works.

A baby's first year is full of exciting milestones that should be treasured and remembered by every parent for the years to come. As parents, we will be so happy to watch them grow. This illustration series is all about the first year of a baby's life, from birth to first birthday!

A wonderful keepsake for your tiny bundle of joy! I have always had a crazy obsession for this adorable, cute art style called kawaii. As a new mom, I believe it a dream come true to be able to create these gorgeous illustrations for my lovely little munchkin! Every parent wants to make something special for their child from the beginning, and I am overjoyed that I was able to do so for my little one.

Memory Book
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