Book Covers for Bhartiya Shiksha Board

Bhartiya Shiksha Board is a National Board of School Education constituted by the Ministry of Education, Government of India and we are pleased to have worked with them to create  some beautiful subject book covers for their upcoming curriculum.
For each of the English cover depicts a story of morals and values that would inspire the children. 
For Grade 3, we have the story of a young Prince Sidharth whose kindness is in full glory when helping the swan. 
For Grade 4, the cover depicts the story of King Ashoka after the Kalinga war, his repentance and the journey towards Buddhism.
For Grade 5, we can see how a diverse India is united in creating a materpiece with all the kids of different region, religion, sex, creed, ability, shapes, sizes and colour coming together.
For the Hindi covers, the illustrations depict stories of divinity and prayers.
For Grade 3, the cover depicts the story of Vishnu's first avatar, Matsya, and Manu's obedience towards him.
For Grade 4, the story is about the beloved Princess of Sanatombi of Manipur and how she became the crowned Queen despite being the youngest and having three brothers.
For Grade 5, the cover showcases Aranayani, the goddess of the forest and how the kingsmen after realising their mistake of trying to cut down the trees, devotes all their prayers to her.
For the Sanskrit covers, we have mainly depicted the stories and learnings we gain from the Vedas.
For Grade 3, we can see an amalgamation of the Ayurveda teachings and the Yoga practices that have been prevalent in the Indian society since ages.
For Grade 4, the cover shows the story of the ever learned Gargi in the courtyard of Raja Janaka and how her intellect defeated even the most learned men of the time.
For Grade 5, there is a simple story of a boy trying to protect his mother from the approaching leopard and fulfilling his duty as a loving son.
For the Mathematics covers, the art is simply a depiction of what will be taught in the books as the kids read in further details.
For Grade 3, the study is mostly about basic shapes, arithmetic and a basic understanding of the volume and weight of different objects.
For Grade 4, the kids will be getting more in depth into complex calculations and the understanding of the volumes will also become deeper.
For Grade 5, the learning will go more towards Vedic Maths, along withe the studies of Fibonacci numbers and shapes, they'll also be learning concepts such as Shulba Sutra and Najri Naksha.
Environmental Studies
For the EVS covers, the book covers depict the surroundings of a child and what they see around them.
For Grade 3, it is a representation of what a child can see in an Indian village atmosphere and the different aspects of life that influences them.
For Grade 4, the kids will be getting out of the boundaries of the village and experiencing the different aspects of the cities through trains.
For Grade 5, they are going to take the boat and roam around the world to understand other countries and cultures in a better way.
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