Contemporary trends in Children’s book illustrations

When it comes to children’s books, it is more than creating dreamy type illustrations or using Watercolour, gouache, acrylics or pastels. Apart from coming up with a distinct style of illustrations in interesting colours and a catchy visual narrative, do trends really matter?
You will be amazed at the answers. 

Mystical skills of Children’s book illustrators

Being a children’s book illustrator sounds like a lot of fun, but it is actually more demanding and a combination of skills are helpful in addition to strong drawing abilities. 

Unrevealed process of Children’s book illustrations

What makes the children’s book illustrations look so appealing? Listen to how the illustrators fall in love with each project and allow themselves to create the magic for generations to come.

Commercial side of Children’s book industry

Once the story is completed, the illustrator comes into the project. Then what? How does one find a way in the booming children’s market and make a living?  

Children’s Book Project Case studies

Get to know which children’s book sell the best and hear from the illustrators themselves,  the concept behind the enchanting pages of illustrations which we simply admire.
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