Counting My Birthday
'Counting My Birthday' will take you into a world of delights and numbers. Join us as we enjoy a beautiful party through the magic of counting while enjoying in the excitement of a special day.

Every number from 1 to 10 comes to life with bright, adorable and lovely delights. This enthralling children's picture book, which takes young readers on an exciting adventure. Imagine the excitement of 1 cake that's almost too pretty to eat, the 2 dazzling dresses, and the giggles shared over 3 party poppers. But that's not all! With every turn of the page, the enchantment multiplies—4 colourful festoons, 5 presents, all the way up to the grand finale of 10 dazzling candles that light up the birthday scene!

Get ready to embark on the journey that will be both interesting and fun. 'Counting My Birthday' is sure to become a favourite on bookshelves and bedtime routines. So come along and enjoy the magic—let's count, play, and celebrate together!" 
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