Dasavataram - 10 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu
According to Hindu mythology, every time there was an evil overdose on earth, Lord Vishu would reincarnate in different avatars, so that he could end the evil and free the world from its clutches. The 'Dasavatar' stories are so fascinating that they got us interested in this project, where we attempted to illustrate those avatars in 'Bengal Patua' Style, an Indian Folk Art form.

Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Matsya Avatar - An avatar of half fish and half human, which saved the knowledge of 4 vedas written by Lord Brahma, from the hands of demon Hayagreeva.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Kurma Avatar - An avatar of half fish and half tortise, which helped restore the balance of mountain during the Ksheera Sagara Mathana (Churning of the ocean of milk)
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Varaha Avatar - An avatar of human body with a face of boar, which saved Bhoodevi(earth) from the clutches of Demon Hiranyaksh.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Narasimha Avatar - An avatar of human body with a face of lion, depicting the anger, had saved Prahalada and killed Hiranyakashibu, brother of Hiranyaksh.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Vamana Avatar - An avatar of a small brahmin boy to end King Mahabali Chakravarthy, on earth and thus save the gods from being tortured by him.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Parasuram Avatar - An avatar as a sage or Maharshi, to kill the evil kings.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Rama Avatar - An avatar as king Shri Rama of Ayodhya, to kill several monsters and evil kings, especially King Ravana.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Balarama Avatar - He is the brother of Shri Krishna and replaces Buddha avatar in Vishnu Davasavatara Puranam.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Buddha Avatar - An avatar of a great enlightened sage who showed the good path for people.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Krishna Avatar - He established 'Dharma' (righteousness) and restored good values, and destroyed the evil on earth.
Dasavataram in Bengal Patua - Kalki Avatar - This is a prophesied avatar, which is yet to incarnate. He would arise to destroy evil, towards the end of the Kali Yuga.
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