Indian folk arts - the centuries old hidden treasures
Our cultural and traditional vibrancy, the aesthetics and the elegance of our folk art have inspired many to give sufficient attention and have generated significant interest to explore them. 
Who holds the key to unearth the treasures?

The New age Indian folk art illustrations and Illustrators
We are in a vibrant digital age, where the contemporary illustrators are implementing the folk art forms to pave fresh directions for growth. 

Rise of Indian folk illustrations in creative industry
The rise is the competition fierce while you realise your creative potential? 

The secret recipe of Indian folk illustrations
There it is. A comprehensive list that you would wish you knew earlier about how to give our folk art the recognition while retaining their originality. 

The prophecy
Time to go off the “ expectations” grid and prove your worth. Discover the countless options that open up through folk art illustrations. Folk art is a statement. Are you going to be a part of it?
Consume creativity in all its forms. Just do it and never look back.
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