Hand-Lettered in Adobe Illustrator using Wacom Tablet
The quote "There is no emotion more revolutionary than empathy" by Gloria Steinem speaks to the power of empathy in creating positive change in the world. To capture the essence of this quote in a lettering artwork, the bold and flowing Art Deco style would be a perfect choice. The flowing lines convey a sense of movement and fluidity, symbolising the idea of empathy as a force that moves us towards greater understanding and connection with others which just blends with the brush script that brings in an element of strength and confidence. Ultimately, the lettering artwork would serve as a visual representation of the power of empathy to transform our relationships and create a more just and equitable world.
Framed Art Print -  Merchandise - Empathy quote reflections & Gifting options 
To enhance the impact of the artwork, Cool blues are used to represent feelings of calm and understanding, while warmer oranges and yellows could convey a sense of compassion and warmth.
Final Illustration of the empathy quote
Thumbnail sketches to check out the various compositions for the quote
Refined Sketches to get the overall picture of the lettering & the other elements in the composition

The dynamism of the Art Deco style could be used to create visual interest and draw the eye across the page, encouraging the viewer to pause and reflect on the message. 
The outline (inking) of the final empathy illustration
Notebook cover Visualisation - Merchandise Design

Wall Painting Visualisation of the Hand-Lettered quote
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