Secret behind creative startup Merch brands:
How do some startups succeed while others fail?
What is the secret to make a merchandise brand sustainable and to respond to challenges of any kind?
Learn what is important to prove your venture as more unique and versatile.
Be creatively independent with Art, Design and Technology:
Get to know how Art, Design and Technology will help come up with creative responses and explore new solutions.
Reengineering Startup Designer Brands:
No one can build a brand with just design and art skills. 
And there is very little time to test new ideas and it's very crucial to have the creative ability and determination to survive as a merch brand and to respond to challenges ahead. Is there a way ahead?
An Industry Expert’s Perspective:
Hear what this professional who graduated from NIFT has to share about her journey in the fashion industry.
How to build a Merch Brand in 30 days
Step by step guidance to lay the groundwork and the tools, knowledge and resources revealed.
Put your best foot forward and make a first great impression.
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