Gift of Magi contemplated in Epiphany Madhubani, 
the contemporary Indian folk art

Gift of Magi is a popular episode in Jesus’s Life. Magi refers to three wise Kings who embark on homage to infant jesus. The short story Is split into four scenes.
1. Magi travels with Star.
2. Magi meets King Herold.
3. Magi gifts Infant.
4. Magi returns Home.

Requirement : 4 Illustrations to be hand painted on 4 inch sized coasters. The illustration needs to be as simple as possible and the script has been written confining to it. 
Gift of Magi (1/4) :  Magi travels with Star
SCENE 1  : The three Kings travel on a Camel, following the STAR. The star guides them to infant Jesus.

Gift of Magi (2/4) :  Magi meets King Herold.
SCENE2  : The three Kings  are met with King Herold on the way. They were summoned to report the location of infant Jesus once they found out.
Gift of Magi (3/4) :  Magi gifts Infant.
SCENE3  : The three Kings visits the infant in Mary’s hand. Magi kneeled down and worshiped him. Later, presented him with gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh.
Gift of Magi (4/4) :  Magi returns Home.
SCENE4  :Magi warned in a dream not to go back to Herold, as he planned to kill Jesus in preserving his authority.The three Kings return home in a boat.

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