It’s fascinating how a homemaker holds the power to spread magic through lives and homes. 
A lady of the house works to keep everyone happy and safe. The feminine energy is a beautiful poem written with adoration by the cosmos itself. She is lively, calm yet powerful. She builds the happier home and thus the happier world. A happy home is like a foundation under your feet. The homemakers become the driving force to make the home happier. 
 They would be happy when they fulfil their hopes and dreams as they push themselves a little more every single day.   
All they need is the key to emotional and financial independence which is exactly what Artpreneur offers. 
Use time wisely
Cut back to what actually matters and do not stretch yourself too thin.. because that dampens your spirit, focus and energy. Get organised and fill your brain with creativity instead of keeping a track of things that need your attention thus taking away your precious time. Creative pursuits offer an experience of timelessness and you can come up with practical ways to optimise your time. As an Artpreneur, you will know how to zero in on what really matters and work on excelling in those areas.
Better work-life balance

Doing what is truly important to you includes being there for your family while you build positive habits and work on your passions. Artpreneur Program can help you find a healthier work-life balance where you will strive to build your productivity objectives into habits while appreciating your work and feeling reenergised.
The power to create with love is inherent in every homemaker and it’s reflected in every thing that you do.  Creating art is also an
act of love. Your consistency will help you develop a rhythm where you can function best and avoid stress creeping into your life - both personal and professional. 
Leave your fears in the dust, there’s no perfection trap.

The unexpected twists and turns as a parent and caregiver help a homemaker to not get caught in the perfection trap. You got to wherever you are by not sitting when you needed to stand. Being creative helps boost your confidence to adapt further and step away from the rules that have already failed you. Your fears actually hold you back from doing great things. So work on making your dreams come true, without spending your energy on your fears. ​​​​​​​
Stress less, create more
Creating something actually lowers stress levels , helps you exercise the brain pathways as a result of which,  your thought processes get more flexible. Stress is a huge distraction for creativity and when you want to come up with fresh ideas. Taking care of yourself is equally important while you take care of everyone else in the family. Taking the time to create what you love helps you de-stress and improves your quality of life. 

Practice mindfulness

When you can focus on the present and live in the moment, you practice mindfulness which is the foremost thing a creative professional needs. 
You value all that you are and have, learn to keep away your anxieties of the past or interpretation of the probabilities the future might hold just like artists do, when they lose themselves in their
world of art.   
Learn how our Artpreneurs have created a space for themselves, their thoughts and how they remodel the way they see or think about anything, harnessing creative ideas instead.
Self awareness and expression
As homemakers, you are more preoccupied with others and their wellbeing that you forget about yourselves. Have you ever stopped to think who you really are? Self awareness helps to know yourself , your personality, skills and talents, to combine and to use them to your advantage and ultimately develop yourself.
You can move away from a tunnel vision to a more optimistic perspective and develop a sense of balance in how you view yourself and how you believe others view you. When you are self aware, you develop that sense of independence where you are open to express and create without the fear of rejection. Take time to invest in your own creative self. 

The mundane routines of everyday life can develop habits in you that negatively impact your creativity . Taking a step back to look at how a typical day looks ; how you can question each and every process to make yourself more engaged and innovative is what you can learn as an Artpreneur. 
A flexible YOU can help you blend well in a creative job which offers you more flexibility than the standard office job. It’s a win win for your career aspirations as well as
artistic fulfillment. 
Collaborate to get more creative

Being surrounded by people doing the same thing as you creates an instant sense of belonging in that community. The sense of connection felt while exchanging ideas, sharing feedback and most of the times simply creating along with them is a joy,  something that matters more when you share space where there are no judgments, resentments or any form of negative energy. We are proud to share that our Artpreneurs are a happy bunch of people, selfless and creative, supporting each other’s growth as they themselves grow. ​​​​​​​
Think out of the box and apply to life
You as homemakers can  actually see and experience life through a different perspective making it possible for you to come up with solutions that are more innovative and never before thought of. That would often make you the source of the next big idea in whatever you do. Thinking out of the box may actually mean challenging long-held beliefs but access to a creative outlet will help you to build self confidence and step out of your comfort zones. As an Artpreneur, you will always question it before it is done. When you ask “ Why has it been always done that way?”, you will force your brain to think creatively and innovate instead of doing it the conventional way.
Step in and you will realise that each step you take leads you to something even more spectacular.
We will do our best to be there and help you become the best creative version of yourself. 
Wear your creative crowns and get going. Continue to hold the world spellbound with your sparkle. 
Wishing you good luck and happiness always!
The Age of Utopians, the 2023-24 batch & Shangri La, the 2024-25 batch of Artpreneur Program awaits.
Join and let your colours come forth, while you spread your beautifully coloured jewel like wings to explore multiple paths and pursuits in this lifetime.
The classes will commence on
 Jul 2023. 
The online, interactive sessions will be held between 9 AM to 1 PM IST, Monday to Friday. 
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