Presenting a special collaborative project we worked on earlier this year :
An illustrated mythological narrative  
'The Untold Story of Bhagirath - A hero born to two mothers'

Fully illustrated using a contemplated version of the Indian Folkart form called 'Bengal Patua', mastered under the tutelage of SCD Balaji (artpreneur program).

This version of the story inspired from Krittivasa (Bengali version of Ramayan) was chosen as part of our effort to bring to light the beautiful stories in Hindhu Mythology, which promote inclusivity and acceptance of things outside of our realm of understanding.
Through this illustrated narrative all we want to say is: 
“There is so much beyond human perception. 
Never let the constraints set by our minds define others.
Never create boundaries with limited wisdom.
Love transcends the physical and the known.
 Let us live and let live.”
Creative Direction: The Froh
Illustrator: Gioiosia

Note: This project was created while under the tutelage of SCD Balaji (artpreneur program)
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