Practising gratitude on a daily basis is a very good starting point to attract miracles in our life. Acknowledge the things that you feel thankful to and keep saying it loud!​​​​​​​
This series of illustration is done in Japanese kawaii art style. Kawaii is one of the most popular and cutest art form. This artform can literally give life to day to day objects in the cutest way possible. This brings out our childlike nature and helps in keeping a check to our inner child.

This curated series of 14 illustrations depicts my gratitude towards different things . You can look forward for the upcoming illustrations to know more about the things I am grateful for.
Gratitude for Friends

Be thankful for the friends that make you laugh, tease and give infinite naughty memories in life 
Gratitude for Life partner

Be thankful to your partner for sticking with you through thick and thin 

Gratitude for Coffee

Be thankful for the Hot cup of Coffee which makes your morning more exciting 

Gratitude for Miracles

Be thankful for the little Miracles that happen in your day to day life 

Gratitude for Creativity

Be thankful for the curious kid in you that makes you creative

Gratitude for Good Health

Be thankful for all the good nourishing foods that keep your body healthy

Gratitude for Little Victories

Be thankful for all the little victories you achieve in day to day life

Gratitude for Blessings

Be thankful for all the blessings you receive

Gratitude for Joy of Little Things

Be thankful for being able to witness and enjoy all the little things in our life

Gratitude for Manifestation

Be thankful for being able to manifest your dreams into Reality

Gratitude for Mentor

Be thankful to your Mentor who guides you in the right path

Gratitude for Bedtime stories

Be thankful for all the Bedtime stories that made you experience surreal dreams

Gratitude for Universe

Be thankful to the Universe for aligning the right things at right time 

Gratitude for Love

Be thankful for being able to give and receive unconditional love 

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