Hand-Lettered in Adobe Illustrator using Wacom Tablet
A wedding is a sacred event, and there's no better way to invite guests to celebrate this joyous occasion than through the artful combination of traditional and contemporary elements. This wedding invitation combines the beautiful quote "Mangalyam Thanthunanena" with the elegant and classy Bengal Pattachitra art style. The quote "Mangalyam Thanthunanena" signifies the sanctity and auspiciousness of the wedding ceremony, and the Bengal Pattachitra art style captures the essence of this sentiment with its intricate motifs. By combining the traditional art form with a contemporary portrayal of the divine couple, we celebrate the timelessness of the wedding ceremony while honoring the individuality of the bride and groom.
Thumbnail Sketch Visualisation of Andal and Ranganathar Wedding with different styles of Lettering & layout experimentation
Final and Refined sketch of Andal and Ranganathar Wedding
Inking (Outline) Illustration of Andal and Ranganathar Wedding
Illustration Colour Blocking Explorations 
To give the artwork a modern twist, Aandal and Ranganathar, the embodiment of union, are depicted in a contemporary Bengal Pattachitra, an Indian folk art style while retaining the classic colors that are integral to the traditional wedding ceremony. The intricate detailing and classic hues add sophistication and energy to the invitation, creating an unforgettable first impression for guests.
Final Illustration - Andal & Ranganathar Illustration - Front Side of the the Invitation Card
Wedding Information Details - Rear Side of the the Invitation Card
Wedding Invitation - Front Side of the A5 Invitation Card Visualisation
Wedding Event Details - Rear Side of the A5 Invitation Card Visualisation
Andal and Ranganathar Illustration - Digital / eInvitaiton
Welcome Board Visualisation - Wedding Illustration
Framed Art Print - Wedding Merchandise - Return Gift for Wedding Guests
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