Today’s world offers a plethora of courses for a person to join. But, is the course of your choice creative enough? Does it empower you to stand out amidst your peers?
Here are some essentials of a creative course that one must verify before enrolling:
The educator is as important as the course. He or she should have years of experience. The educator's contribution as an educator, as well as the portfolios of his and his students, reveal a lot about what you'll learn and how the teacher will shape you.
Course Structure
Course structure is basically what you would be learning in the course. The structure should ideally be the first-of-its-kind. Also, it is advised to check if there are similar courses available around you. Do a comparative analysis of the courses, before zeroing on your choice of course. The course structure should not be vague or ambiguous. Clarify any terms or jargons you see, to get a better understanding.
The work of other students who have already taken the course can speak a great volume about the course. Look at the work of other students and talk to a few of the students to get a better understanding of the course and its nitty-gritties.
Time and Place
Convenience of the course is crucial, especially if the learner is someone who is pursuing a full-time job or is situated in a different location. It is essential to know if the course is online or offline. If the course is an online one, it is further essential to know if it includes live discussions amongst the students and the teachers, or if it is simply a recorded video. If the course is a pre-recorded video, try to analyse if it is really worth the investment, as one can learn directly through sources like YouTube.
Take away
The ultimate aim of any course should be to allow you to stand on your own. The course should be innovative and should equip you with relevant skills by the end of it. It should allow you to apply your learning and monetize your skills.
Joining a course is a long-term investment. It is essential to understand all the finances associated with a course. The finances must be weighed against the returns one can expect at the end of the course. Always enquire if the course would involve an additional investment apart from the fee like a travel, stay, extra materials, add on programs etc., Compare similar courses, if any, to understand the cost-benefits resulting from the investment.
Learning Process
The journey of the course plays an important role, while many courses focus on the ‘how’ of things, not many focus on the ‘why’ of things. It is important for the course to focus on both, how and why. The course should provide hands-on learning and an interactive method of clearing all the doubts. The educator and mentor should be approachable throughout this process.
The course should emphasise peer interaction and constant interaction with teachers even after the course. If the course has an element of ‘team support’, it will help the learner to delve into the nuances of the course in a much easier manner for a long period of time.
Project-based Learning
The course should provide scope to work on live projects and learn from the same. What you get to learn from the course should be in sync with what you actually get to do.
Creation of a Wishion (Wish + Vision)
A vision is a long-term goal. The course should be such that it enables the creation of a wishbone  The personal connect between the educator and student should indicate a mentor-mentee relationship where the teacher helps the students to grow professionally and personally.
Well, your checklist for a creative course is ready now. 
In the world that offers a plethora of courses only in a business perspective, it is uncommon to find a course that provides all the essentials of creative course as a bundle. 
Artpreneur is the first-of-its-kind program that has an impressive course structure taught by an excellent educator.  Our educator is the founder of 3 successful creative brands. The journey of 9 months will give you wisdom from his 18 years of experience in the creative industry. Click here to explore his portfolio.
As a takeaway, the Artpreneur program helps you to stand on your own completely. 
Artpreneur is a lifetime investment to grow professionally and personally. At the end of the program, you will have a wishion for yourself and the world. 
What are you waiting for? Your empty checkboxes are already filled with a solid colour! 
The Age of Utopians 2023-24 batch
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