Mexican Alebrijes Critters : Aquatic Creatures and Bugs
Experience the magical and colourful art style of the Mexican Alebrijes with the cute little aquatic creatures and bugs.

Alebrijes are brightly coloured Mexican folk art creatures that act as spiritual guides for human beings in the after life. These creatures are usually fantastical in nature and are filled with intricate designs that captivate the eyes of the beholder.

Originally, the Alebrijes were carved from copal wood and made into structures by artisans who carved and painted each detail into them. In recent years, however, Alebrijes have expanded beyond wood and can now be found as an art style that is gaining mass appeal due to its vividness and detailed elements.
The first creature that we are going to take a look into is the magnificent Seahorse with it's pristine detailed fins and dotted textures.
Here we have the smiling little Octopus with his flowery eyes and details on the forehead and it's vibrant colours making it glow like the sun.
Coming to the Stingray with it's eyes pooping out, he seems to be swimming in the sea with his vibrant fins delightfully
Little Miss Crab is absolutely adorable with her flower patterned shell and colourful claws going to catch the tiny bubbles.
The mighty Fighter Fish with it's voluminous and patterned tail looks exquisite and creates a magical aura all around it.
Coming to the bugs, first we have the stunning Lady Bug with it's beautiful red colour and the patterns all over it's body.
And here we have the Honeybee looking so cute with it's chubby body and the vibrant yellow colour giving it such a whimsical look.
The blue and green combination of the Dragonfly with it's popping eyes and the green petals make it look a being closest to nature and it's charm
A pastel Caterpillar makes one feel all the more delightful especially when it's got so many amazing patterns on it's body.
And last but not the least, we have the extraordinary Butterfly with it's large, bright wings making sure to guide one through the spiritual realm to their fateful destination and even creating an enchanting aura throughout the journey,
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