'The stories we hear as children shape our view of the world.' 

Panchatantra (the Indian collection of fables by Vishnu Sharma ), is the most frequently translated Indian literary product. 
Here's STUDIOCREA's take on a few stories from the bundle. 
We chose a popular Indian folklore style 'The Orissa Pattachitra'  for this translation.
Shepherd boy and the wolf
Hunter ,Dove and the ant
The loyal mongoose
The honest woodcutter
The Brahmin's dream
Curated the series into a children's book.
Bundled it into a set of flash cards for children, 
with the stories in picture and written format on either sides.
Thank you  
Please contact us for a free printable copy of the book and flash cards.

StudioCrea owns all copyrights for all the illustrations in this project. Distributing, sharing or recreating these illustrations in any medium or platform, without prior written consent from StudioCrea is prohibited. 
Contact us for consent to use these illustrations.

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