Pa(r)ty Talks
Party Talks is an Indian board game for kids and families that brings out the value of Tamil proverbs and Indian culture through modern play.
Client : Chittam
Target Audience : Tamil Urban Population
Age Group : 8+
Ideally meant for large groups or families, this board game has 4 types of cards and each card leads the player and their team towards a Tamil proverb.
Rough sketches to decide the detail level and complexity for the target audience
Sketches for the main element + border based on the first Tamil alphabet அ
Some initial sketches for picture clue based cards and comic cards
Outline Sketches
Colored Version
Wildcard Details
Illustrative Lettering for the Cover
Cover and Package design process - thumbnail sketch, rough sketch + final color options
Board Design, with the key alphabet அ
Pictures of the cards - a riot of colors and culture
You can buy the board game here
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