Hand-Lettered in Adobe Illustrator using Wacom Tablet
The quote "The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you" by Rumi is a powerful reminder of how the world around us is a reflection of our own perceptions and beliefs. This quote inspired me to create a lettering artwork that captures the essence of this message.Through this lettering artwork, I hope to inspire others to reflect on their own beliefs and perceptions and to recognize the beauty in themselves and others. Rumi's quote serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of looking within ourselves to find the beauty in the world around us.
Framed Art Print -  Merchandise - Self love quote reflections & Gifting options 
The use of colors unique to the Folk Art  represents the aura that is conveyed through the beauty from within. The swirling patterns and intricate designs used in Pattachitra art are symbolic of the interconnections between people and the world around us.
Final Illustration of the Rumi quote
Thumbnail Sketch for quick layout & Refined Sketch Sketch to get the overall picture of the lettering

For this piece, I chose to use a script style of lettering to convey a sense of elegance and fluidity. The lettering is illustrated in the traditional and intricate art form of Bengal Pattachitra, which adds depth and texture to the text. The contemplative style of Pattachitra art helps to convey the introspective nature of Rumi's quote.
Inking (Outline) Illustration depicting the evolution from the sketching stage
Notebook cover Visualisation - Merchandise Design
Illustration Colour Blocking Explorations 
Wall Painting Visualisation of the Hand-Lettered Rumi quote
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