​​​​​​​Creativity is a superpower that is present in all of us. We are all born creative and remain so for a few years into our childhood. Most often, we fail to nurture this trait, and thus, end up forgetting it.
To put it in a simple way, creativity is a gauntlet that is empowered by ten powerful stones – tools, inventiveness, art, design, marketing, branding, aesthetics, communication, teaching and zen. (And of course, a snap of the fingers will result in some unique and marvellous creations!)
In order to put out the creative best and stay relevant, one must make use of all the ten stones. When the gauntlet falls short of even one stone, a person will not be able to be at the peak of creativity.
The ten stones are unique, have powers of their own and coexist with each other. They merge together to turn a person into a creative entrepreneur.
Let's understand the powers that eventually form a creative entrepreneur:
1. ToolsTools or technical expertise is a must and without it, nothing can be created. This power talks about the know-how, application, possibilities and limitations to create something. This is a physical medium without which nothing can be brought into existence.
2. Inventiveness
Inventiveness or creative thinking empowers a person to come up with ideas that have not been thought of by anyone. This means, a person whose creative thinking is high, can often picture zillion new ideas.
3. Art
Art here refers to the drawing or illustration that one creates. The artist should be adaptable, versatile and open to exploring different styles. He/she should also know to communicate and digitalise their art, in order to take it to many people.
4. Design 
Design is much more than just UI/UX or Graphic Design. Design can be seen right from the structure of a DNA, to something more complex like a black hole. Essentially, design is omnipresent.
5. Marketing
Marketing refers to the skills needed to sell one's creation. This skill is of utmost importance as, it doesn’t just focus on the monetary aspect, but emphasises on the appreciation an artist gets. When one's work gets sold, it results in a sense of appreciation and an encouragement to create something more beautiful.
6. Branding
The world isn't just about creativity or art, but is all about branding. Branding provides a platform for the creator to sell his/her creations.
7. Aesthetics
Aesthetics refers to the visual appeal or experience that one gains. It deals with the design principles and talks about the 'where', 'what' and 'how much' of a design.
8. Communication
Communication is essential to convey an idea and is vital even in the day-to-day life of a person.
9. Teaching
Teaching/mentoring is essential to build a team. This power accentuates the importance of people. It is often believed that, knowledge shared is knowledge gained.
10. Zen
The concept of zen indicates a balance between the mind and the body. This talks about contentment and the power of intuition. People since the ancient times, to the modern visionaries have believed intuition to play a key role in boosting creativity.
Certain facts have revealed that creative people are those having all the super powers! So, are you ready to embark on an adventure to acquire all the superpowers and become a creative entrepreneur?
The Age of utopians, 2023-24 batch & Shangri La, 2024-25 batch of Artpreneur Program awaits.
Join and let your colours come forth, while you spread your beautifully coloured jewel like wings to explore multiple paths and pursuits in this lifetime.
The classes will commence on Jul 2023. The online, interactive sessions will be held between 9 AM to 1 PM IST, Monday to Friday. 
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