Why the name Tatparā??
The Typography of has been defined after taking into consideration the voice and mission of the brand. Fonts that are simple, clean and legible.
Chocolate - A neat cursive font to keep the flow of ideas coming along;
Maku - A thin print font to keep the communication simple and approachable;
Athelas Regular - An alternative header font to be used where needed.
The Elements for Brand Tatparā Designs has been developed keeping the voice in mind. The elements are 'Boho Chic' in style to add the Bohemian vibe which is fresh yet ethnic.
Brand Elements adaptation for Business Set
The pattern is derived as an extension of the brand element and is kept simple yet versatile!
Brand Stationery set presentation
Sticker tag and Wrapping Paper as a part of the stationery set
Thank You!
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