Age of e-invites:
How have invites evolved through time? Exquisite invites made for the grand celebration and the big day have now taken a digital spin. Follow the journey and get ready to be blown away by the possibilities.

Stereotype vs Avant Garde
Unbound by trends, wedding invites seem to evolve and the options are endless. Invites that have the sleek simplicity to the completely customised ones. They always have the wow factor.

Untapped space of wedding invite illustrations
So what is still not existing in the wedding invite industry? Is there still scope for exploration? 

Futuristic trends in wedding invites
So what is it all about. Bringing style to people, a touch of whimsy, funky, flashy, minimalistic to suit the generations or even keeping it classic? What do you think will help retain the fresh vibe in wedding invites?

How to setup your wedding invite brand
We say that an individual can set up a wedding invite brand without an investment. No we definitely are not kidding.
Voila!!! It just got interesting.
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