Winter in Chennai
"Winter in Chennai" is a passion project that sprouted last winter while watching the soft snow outside of our window here in Portland and thinking about home - Chennai(India). Madras aka Chennai is a place which experiences 3 seasons as well - Hot, Hotter, Hottest Summers:) It was amusing to reimagine how it would be if the place experiences chilly winters.
The series is inspired by the idea of having a snowy season in Chennai.
Follow along to see how the day-to-day life will be, if it has a severe winter.
The entire Series
Initial Rough Sketches
This is one of the most important steps in any project, while you capture the core idea very quickly with rough strokes and sketches.

Though this part usually doesn't take too long when the inspiration strikes, this fully determines the essence of the final outcome.
Adding notes/thought processes in this stage helps to refer back at a later stage, to keep the original idea intact
Vector Outlines
Keeping the life in the rough strokes intact, they are then made into clean vector outlines
Winter Women
Outline, base color, details
Outline, final details
Outline, base color, details
Now, moving on to the final artworks..
The Happy Singer
Kutcheri is an integral part of marghazi (aka the actual winter season)
The Kolam Lady
What happens when the entrance is covered with snow/water?

Wear funky boots and put that colorful sikku kolam anyway. Don't forget to keep one poosani poo (pumpkin flower) also on top, ok?
The 'Filter Coffee' Mami
Winter mornings and filter coffee are apparently a match made in heaven
Sledging in Madisar
Back home I'd often spot women sporting madisar or traditional attire and effortlessly drive two wheelers to go around. The thin line between conservative and contemporary would often fade away and I've always been amused watching them slay the look on what would otherwise be a mundane day.

Inspired by those, here is a lady blissfully sledging through the snow to reach her work place or temple or music class or board meeting.. one would never know.
The Rainbow Girl
What if it rains along with snow?
Thrown in that floral scarf and walk like a rainbow!
Maybe I should just stick to drawing and leave the poetry(!) to the pros (see what i did there?)
The Dancing Lady
"Too cold to dance, o dear Lord"
The Joy Ride
Skating with joy, because guess who got extra(kosuru) coriander leaves without bargaining ?
Simple pleasures of life, they say.
Also, statement jewelry for veggie shopping? Why the heck not!
The Queen of Beads
You often spot them near besant nagar beach - it was fun to reimagine the twirling skirt of the lady and the colorful beads she sells, inspite of the snow. Those boots must sure add on to the style statement, don't you think?
Introducing..... Gannuman! Though that sounds like a fusion of Gannu+Hanuman, it's actually our own Snowman. Geddit geddit??
This one was spontaneous when I thought of what would be the Indian version of a snowman. Gannu being the versatile God that he is, what's more fitting than making him out of snow? We'll offer modhak/kozhkattai instead of keeping a carrot on the nose. What say?
The Helping Hands
Here is Neelambari AKA Neelu akka rocking her scarf around ears for the chilly weather and striking a super confident pose because she knows her help is crucial for everyone in the house to go about their work, especially in crazy winters.
She's the multitasking queen and keeps everything clean.
Also those who complained that she's always 'late' are just so very grateful these days that she's able to make it during such harsh weather.
Neelu akka is a darling. She loves what she does, and totally owns it. Be like Neelu akka.
Beach Bajji
What's winter without molaga bajji, that too beach bajji?
The Weekend Mood
If you have to give a face to the weekend mood. But honestly, weekdays or weekends, who cares when you're having fun "working"?
The Flower Lady
Often part of any festivities, the flower lady is the quirky character who uses her hand as a measuring scale and gives a warm smile back as you buy "mallipoo" (jasmine flowers) from them
The Windy Weather
Inspired by my paati(grandma), who was super lean (but fit, though she looked fragile). Wondered how she would've handled the heavy winter. She was the jolliest!
The Details...
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